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I believe that words help us to demonstrate the highest expressions of ourselves to the world. Choosing the right words can move the highest mountains.
Photo by Kerwin Looney

Please note that the words you’re about to read are random discoveries and my thoughts are complete and accurate although my sentences and grammar may not be.

During the Lockdown that resulted from COVID-19, it’s been tough to apply the prolific “Lean In” mantra and principles that Sheryl Sandberg shared with the world in 2013. Nevertheless, I’m doing my best to kick the shit out of the Option B that’s been thrust upon us.

I’m leaning into my life in a way that I never would have if this wicked pandemic hadn’t happened and not because I want to; It’s…

Hou hit the nail in the head Tim. Every career opportunity I’ve been given came when I was in alignment with my mission to help others.

A short and honest poem that was born on a Monday

Photo by ben van ‘t ende on Unsplash

time is the lover

i want to forget

truth is the serum

i’ll always regret

pain is the healing

that presses reset

strength is the sunlight

that courage begets

Thank you to every soul that chose to read my words. This poem was born Monday, May 10, 2021, after a deep and delicious, afternoon nap.

If you’re an avid reader of all things, you may know the connection between the title and the poem. I won’t give that mystery away, but there is definitely a message behind the message.

I hope that something on this page connected with the lover…

A Poem about the Beauty of Language

Photographed by Rose Rhodes

Like a hot cup of coffee

The aroma of syllables

Floated boldly through the room

Dancing with every listener

Brushing up against the perceptions

Of previous tides erupting

Opening old wounds

That only come out at night

It’s easy to taste

The intention of inflection

And when you find the right ones

You’ll know

The flavor of words

It’s the type of swag

That turned water into wine

The dangling participles

That chill the spine

The charming prepositions

That flirt with time

The rhythmic candor

That presses rewind

Empty ballrooms echo desires

Of the lost and lonely

Buried deep between…

Truthful Tales of An Underwhelming Work Milestone

Photo By Rose Rhodes

March 12, 2021, marks my twentieth anniversary at my job. Try saying the word “twentieth” several times and quickly. It’s a mouthful, and it sounds big and grand and awesome, but I couldn’t be more underwhelmed if I tried.

Over the years, I’ve watched family, friends, and associates announce work milestones and even attended many of their celebrations (which we’re obviously not having now because of the global pandemic). Attending those parties was like a robotic dance. …

What To Do If You Really Want Workplace Evolution

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

If the bewildered look on the faces of these three women reminds you of expressions you’ve made during meetings at your workplace, read on. I’m going to take you on a high-calorie journey from the conference room to the break room.

Imagine this scene at a successful, small business with 25 employees. The company opened its doors thirty years ago. Many of the employees who work there have been there since the beginning.

It’s a cloudy Monday morning and employees are returning to the office after working remotely for the past six months. While gathered in the conference room for…

A New Pattern For Attracting Love

Photo By Tamela Handie

Dear Heartbreaker:

I sincerely apologize for the length of this text.

Effective February 14, 2021, I will no longer need your services. Please understand that this is not a reflection of your work. You’ve been an outstanding employee. You’ve shown up for work on time and often early. When I called on you to work late evenings and weekends, you never complained.

You’ve been an awesome team player, helping me to remain bitter, petty, and resentful, and when I insisted on walking down Memory Lane over and over and over again, you held my hand every time and even brought…

Inside The Walls Of A Sexy Meeting Space

Photo By Francesca Tosolini

Some make it seem like you’re not cool if you haven’t done it at least once, but this isn't about sex. This is all about the hottest social media app since sliced social media apps, commonly referred to as Clubhouse. It’s just about as coveted as a country club membership and keys to the penthouse suite.

The hype around this exclusive club takes me back to my school days when the cool kids would only hang out with other cool kids and the kids who were most popular and athletically astute were always first to be picked for the cool…

Work from Home Life and Lessons (Part Deux)

Photo By Kerwin Looney

It was May 28, 2020, when I wrote my first blog here on Medium.

I didn’t think I’d ever finish it. I nearly drove myself crazy dissecting every single word. Even my edits were like…just publish the damn thing!

I forced myself to let the words go and once I did, I felt like I’d had a baby. For some reason, I’m addicted to polishing my words a million times before I share them with the world but that sucks up too much of my time, and it takes the fun out of writing.

This is my first shot…

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